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If you think clutter only exists as physical objects then think again. As everything goes digital, so does clutter and it rears it's head on our bank statements and credit card bills in the form of subscriptions and spontaneous purchases.
If debt is an issue for you then this is a quick way to save a surprising amount each month.
In fact even if you aren't in debt then reviewing your subscriptions could help you save money that you're just throwing away.


Ask yourself, "Do I really need Netflix, Amazon Prime, NowTV, Hula and Apple TV as well as Sky and the free services with BBC iPlayer and 4oD?"​​


Again, probably not and if you're anything like me I bet you spend more time deciding what to watch than you do watching what you pick.


Pick the service you watch the most and cancel the rest. There are more than enough films and TV shows on one of those services to keep you occupied and they add new stuff all the time.


If by some way of a miracle you watch everything that takes your fancy on Netflix then cancel your subscription before you sign up to a new paid service.


Ask yourself, "Do I really need Spotify Premium and Apple Music?"

The answer is you probably don't need them both as you can use Spotify for free, listen to the music you already paid for and any other song you want to listen to is likely on Youtube for free.

Ditch them both and pocket the cash!


Do you have stacks of magazines that are still in their plastic on a table in the hall?​​


If so cancel the subscription, at least until you're read the backlog. Most magazines have plenty of free content online.


If you haven't had time to read a magazine that's been delivered to your door then what you can read online for free is probably more than you have time to read too!


Do you wake up everyday to an inbox full of emails from retailers (that you bought something from this one time) trying to sell you stuff you didn't know you needed?

This is TEMPTATION to spend. There are enough forms of advertising trying to sell us stuff we don't really need without letting in the stuff we CAN control. Get it out of your inbox and keep it out!


This can be a big job though. Go your inbox and look for those familiar offenders, newsletters, promotional emails and unsubscribe from them. Or use a tool like unroll me to tidy up your inbox. Then over the coming months each time you get a new email like this, unsubscribe and enjoy a clutter free inbox.


You will find you can breeze through your emails in a few minutes (and probably more money in your savings account too.) 

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