We all have busy lives with lots of different things trying to grab our attention. If we don't take time to deal with these distractions we can become overwhelmed, stressed or even sick.

Here are some simple, practical things you can do to live a life you love by focusing your time and energy on the things that matter.

Write a list

Some people love "to do" lists. I'm not suggesting you write a list of things to do, just a list of all the things on your mind:

Too stressed out to sleep at night? Write it down.

Tired of being in debt? Write it down.

Sad that you don't have enough quality time with your friend and family? Write it down.

Worried about a situation at work? Write it down.

No idea what to get your mum for her birthday? Write that down too.

Next put the list in order, with what matters most at the top.  Then sit down with someone you trust and who loves you and talk about the list with them. Just sharing it will make you feel better and some solutions may come naturally. Other may take longer but at least now you have someone to support you.

Make time to relax

Finding time to relax is important when it comes to living a life you love. Being busy is great but relaxing can be more productive than you might think. The more you relax, the happier you are and therefore super motivated and energised to take on the world. Even short periods of relaxation can make the difference.

Relaxing looks different to different people but here are some tips to help you set aside "Me time" and keep it for you as well as tips on how to spend it!

Claim a "clutter-free" zone

Pick visible spot in your home such as a table, section of worktop or even your dressing table to make a "clutter-free zone."

 Remove any items that really live somewhere else in the house, get rid of any duplicates and the stuff you never or don't often use. Bin anything that is out of date or you don't really like (why is it there in the first place??)

Clean whatever is left, including the surface itself.

Enjoy how it looks and how you feel when you are in that environment. That clear space should make you feel calmer and therefore more focused on what is important.

Think about how quick and easy it is to clean and keep it that way!

Expand the zone a little bit each day. A clutter-free table can become a clutter-free room and a clutter-free room can become the clutter-free, minimalist home you’ve been dreaming about.

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