Our wardrobes seem to host a life long war on decluttering with seasonal battles that we never seem to win.

We sort through clothes, move them around, drag bags and boxes in from the garage or attic and swap out items, trying to make room. 

Then we go shopping to celebrate the new season! Notice the pattern here?

Also it's not just about the clutter but the questions we find ourselves asking as we sort through it.

The simple "What was I thinking? Pink velvet, really??", the guilt loaded “Why did I spend so much money on a dress I don’t wear?” the confused "If I throw this pile away will I still have enough to wear?" and of course the frustrated “Am I going to have to do this all over again in a few months?”

That's where I can help you end this cycle for good with a simple but ruthless wardrobe cleanse.

Make time

Block out time it on your diary make a commitment to yourself to end this madness once and for all! 

Depending on how much clutter you have collected over however many decades, you may need 2-5 hours ) or more if you really struggle getting rid of things.) Hire a babysitter, send your flat mate or other half to the pub and unplug.


Make sure you have eaten before you start so you're not tempted to take a lunch break and just never come back.

Stock up on yummy snacks and water so you can power through.

Make sure you have good music too. Choose your favourite happy, playlist. [Playlist coming soon]

Empty your wardrobe FULLY 

The first step is easy, put on some music. Then FULLY empty your wardrobe onto your bed. (if you put everything on your bed, you’ll be forced to complete the project before bedtime!) 

Take everything out, clear the rail, Leave no top shelves or bottom draws unturned. If you have clothes stored in dressers or under the bed or in the garage or attic, bring them to the party too.

DON'T even attempt to sort things into piles at this stage.

Clean it out

​This is probably the first time your wardrobe has been properly empty since you bought it so make the most of it. Wash it out, make sure it's nice and clean for when you start putting stuff back in.


You might feel quite emotional at the sight of the mountain of clothes you have just created, but that's ok. Drink some water, go for a walk, mentally prepare for part 2. 


Welcome back!

Now for the fun part. Turn up your music and start throwing your clothes around like you're in a makeover montage from a teenage movie.

Go with your gut and sort all the clothes on your bed into 4 piles on the floor.

Love - I wear this item all the time, it fits and doesn't look washed out

Maybe - I like it but don't "love" it. I have worn it but not recently, not sure what I wear it with or if it fits etc.

Charity - Haven't worn this for a year, it's not me, doesn't fit etc.

Bin - I should have thrown this away ages ago.

​You should now have an empty bed and 4 small mountains of clothes on the floor.

Drink water and eat snacks.

Bag it up

Put the "Charity" pile in a bag and put them in you car/hallway/garage so you can take them to a charity bin or shop when you next leave the house. 

Put the "Bin" pile in a black sack and put them with your other household rubbish.​

Try it on

Try on everything in the "Love" to make sure you really do love it. 

Ask yourself "If I saw this in a shop today, would I actually buy this?" and "Will I wear this in the next year?"(to allow for seasons.) If the answer is no add it to the new "Charity" pile.

If there are any clothes that need mending (missing buttons/tears) or dry cleaning then put them to one side.

You might get to the bottom of the "Love" pile and decide you can live without the "Maybe" pile altogether. If so then add the whole thing to the "Charity" pile.


If not then try on everything in the"Maybe" pile and ask the same questions adding items to the "Love" or "Charity" piles as you go. There needs to be no "Maybe" pile by the time you go to bed.

When you're done put the "Charity" pile in the bag with the clothes from earlier.

Hang it up

Congratulations! You should now have a pile of clothes you love!

Put them back in your wardrobe as they'll probably all fit now (or into seasonal storage) and start enjoying dressing with clothes you really love!

You will find that because you've already decided why you love every item and know how it fits that putting outfits together is really easy.

Don't forget the stuff you put aside to mend or dry clean. Try and deal with these before you put them back in your wardrobe so you don't get excited about wearing them as part of an outfit then realise they need attention before they can be worn.

Why stop there?

Give your shoes, pyjamas, socks, underwear, necklaces and sunglasses the same treatment.


Then there's books, CDs, DVDs and boardgames.

Before long you'll be addicted to decluttering and you'll be wishing you had more cupboards, shelves and draws to simplify.

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