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Saying "Yes" to happiness is all about learning to say "No" to the things and people that stress you out.


To truly "live more, you first have to understand that "THE THINGS THAT MATTER ARE NOT THINGS."

You need to really evaluate your things. I mean all of your things. That bread-maker you used once, those boots you love but don't actually wear, that tea set your grandmother gave you but you never use.

To some people that's scary but trust me, once you start simplifying your life you will create time and space to "live more" and worry less as you discover what and who really matters to you.  

Click on the boxes below for some tips on how to declutter your life and make more room for what you love!

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January 22, 2018

This may sound odd but let me explain.

Let me take you back to August 2015 when I went to Copenhagen for the first time.

I traveled with another British friend and we met up with a Danish friend when we got there.

The 3 of us had a lovely time hanging out it the city, went to a street party, visited Tivoli and Ny Haven and generally soaked up the hygge atmosphere together.

Then this is where this trip fits with this blog post. My British friend apologised when someone bumped into her, I later said "Sorry" to a waitress as she dropped my menu as she handed it to me.

Our Danish friend told us to "Stop sayi...

January 3, 2018

From my experience a successful road to minimalism means your heart needs to be in it.

If your just getting rid of stuff without properly considering it you won't discover what means the most to you. You may even regret discarding something which is completely at odds with the point of minimalism!

I am still experimenting with what is enough for me and certainly haven't found out what that looks like yet.

I've also found that little changes are more sustainable than a big radical change. So here are 5 tiny steps to help you on the road to a simplified life!

1. Make a list

Make a list of the reasons why you want to live more simply.


January 1, 2018

A new year is upon us and I've decided to give you a free gift every month in 2018. Downloadable wallpapers to freshen up the background of your laptop, tablet and phone! Here are 3 for January.


There is something incredibly exciting about a new year, a fresh start. May January 2018 be the blank white page for you to write the beginning of anything you want.

Click to download

Desktop  |  Tablet |  Phone



Plain and simple :)

Click to download

Desktop  |  Tablet Phone 




I'm going skiing for the first time this month for my friends 30th Birthday. This background is getting me in snow mode!

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Desktop  |  TabletPhone 




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I've made this website for fun in the hope that it will inspire people to live more and worry less by taking on board some ideas to simplify their lives.


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