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Saying "Yes" to happiness is all about learning to say "No" to the things and people that stress you out.


To truly "live more, you first have to understand that "THE THINGS THAT MATTER ARE NOT THINGS."

You need to really evaluate your things. I mean all of your things. That bread-maker you used once, those boots you love but don't actually wear, that tea set your grandmother gave you but you never use.

To some people that's scary but trust me, once you start simplifying your life you will create time and space to "live more" and worry less as you discover what and who really matters to you.  

Click on the boxes below for some tips on how to declutter your life and make more room for what you love!

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July 24, 2017

"Sentimental clutter is the adult equivalent of a teddy bear"*

I'm writing this in response to a recent guest blog post which touched on the subject of "sentimental clutter" (for lack of a better term), those items that evoke such strong memories we can't bring ourselves to throw them away. Although I'm not suggesting "The Part-Time Minimalist" throws away these precious items and her plea for forgiveness was in jest, I appreciate that minimalism sounds like it would have no place for items you don't use. So I hope this post helps debunk that myth.

From the hopeless romantics to the hardcore minimalist, we all desire to han...

July 17, 2017

​When was the last time you switched off for 24 hours?

If you can’t remember then a digital detox might be what you need.

I recently wrote about the day I left my phone at home and I thought I enjoyed being less connected and "on call" I felt that "to fully feel the benefit of being without my phone I think I would have been better to totally "unplug" and leave my laptop at home too!" So that's what I've done, a digital detox.

On Friday night at 11:00 pm I put both of my phones and my laptop in a draw and didn't retrieve them until 8:00 am on Monday.  57 glorious hours free of distractions and significantly improved sleep....

June 27, 2017

Minimalism isn't about suffering and giving up the things you love, it's about making more room for the things you love by ridding yourself of the things that cause you worry, but very little joy.

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I've made this website for fun in the hope that it will inspire people to live more and worry less by taking on board some ideas to simplify their lives.


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