"I love America, and I love American women, but there is one thing that deeply shocks me... American closets. I cannot believe one can dress well when you have so much." - Andree Putman 


Cleaning out your wardrobe is about as much fun as going to the dentist or filling out your tax returns, but just like those tasks, it has to be done.

To make this daunting-yet-totally-refreshing experience easier for you, I've crafted a friendly, step by step guide that will help you decide what’s worth keeping and what needs to go. The result will be a perfectly edited wardrobe, which will make getting ready less of a chore and leave you looking stylish at all times!​

Edit what you have


Act like a fashion editor

Achingly stylish fashion editors go to countless fashion shows and scour through rails of hundreds of pieces, then publish only the best on a double-page spread. We should do the same with our tiny wardrobes and walk-in closets. Be an editor. Your wardrobe should only contain excellent choices. Pick your favourites and ditch the rest, they will only cloud your judgement.

Let go of what you don't wear

Your wardrobe is probably bursting at the seams but how many items do you actually wear? My guess is only 20% of them, 80% of the time. And how many times have you opened your wardrobe and said "I've got nothing to wear". This is probably because you're distracted by items that you've kept in your wardrobe for sentimental reasons. Try moving items that you don't wear but just can't get rid of into storage. This means that when you're getting ready in the morning you only see clothes you would actually consider wearing out of the house.

Throw away what doesn't look good on you

How many of the items in your wardrobe make you feel like a goddess when you put them on? I bet the answer is not "All of them."

Don't keep items just because they where expensive and you might fit back into them one day, or because they're beautiful but just don't look good on you. If you haven't worn them in years then it's unlikely you will wear them again. Pass them on to someone who will wear them. Spread the love before they go out of fashion!

Don't undo your hard work

That's how to edit what you have but what about keeping it that way or filling the gaps?

Buy the right size

Once you've completed your ruthless clear out you might have to go shopping to replace a wardrobe staple because all 15 pairs of yours jeans failed to make you feel good. That's great but make sure your new pair are your size. Resist the temptation to buy a size down with the vision of "slimming into them". It's better to buy your size and enjoy the way they make you feel. No one wants a pair of too-tight trousers taunting them every morning!

Don't be sucked into sales

You've worked hard to edit your wardrobe, don't ruin it all with crazy impulse purchases. Buying something just because it's 50% off isn't a bargain if you're not going to wear it. Or worse if you have to buy a bag and shoes to go with it!

Don't play it too safe

Fashion should be fun and a wardrobe full of safe choice is anything but. You should wake up in the morning and get a buzz out of putting an outfit together that expresses who you are. 10 white shirts and 10 black skirts will fail to give you that buzz. Make sure you have some quirky tailoring and one of a kind vintage pieces you love to mix up your look.

Don't buy according to trends

If yellow is all the rage and like me you don't look good in yellow then don't buy it! You don't have to follow every trend and in fact knowing which trends you can't pull off is a gift. By all means if you look fierce in a maxi dress and they are all over the fashion columns then lucky you but try pick one in a fabric, colour or print that complements your existing wardrobe.

I promise that you will still look and feel stylish after this edit. It’s totally possible (and dare I say easier) to keep up to date with trends when you have a capsule wardrobe. It's not meant to make you turn your back on fashion but actually make you think about the foundation of your wardrobe. Once you've got that right you will instantly look more stylish and confident in yourself. Then comes the fun part. You can embellish your well put together outfits with on trend pieces or fun items that give a nod to your personality and unique style.

Coming soon...



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