30 by 30 Bucket list

When I was 21 years old I wrote a list of things I wanted to achieve and experience before I turned the big 3-0. My pre-30 bucket list if you will.

At the gloriously young and carefree age of 21, 30 seemed ages away and the list could be successfully completed before then with next to no effort. Don't get me wrong, some things on the list are things that I can tick off without going too far out of my way. Those things that I "just haven't got round to" Others are more challenging life goals that require a considerable amount of effort.

Completing this list was made all the more challenging when carefree, 21 year old me, lost the list the same year I wrote it and only remembered a fraction of the things on it.

I was however reunited with it this April at the age of 27 and was able to tick off an impressive 7 things. "Only 7 things in 7 years! How is that possible? I travel, I read, I'm totes adventurous. How have I done so few??"

It made me think, if I don't take this list more seriously and pick up the pace at which I cross things off, I'll only have ticketed off 10 by the time I'm 30!

So with a new found desire to complete the list before I'm 102 years old. I set to ticking off a few more this year and I've made great progress. I'm at the half way point!

Here is my full list and below you can see what I've done and what's still left to do.

Visit 1. 30 countries 2. Pearl Harbour 3. Times Square 4. The Northern Lights 5. The tulip fields in Holland 6. The Dark Hedges 7. The London Eye

Learn 8. To drive a manual car 9. A Nordic language

10. To play the ukulele 11. A new skill

Read/watch 12. Read a classic novel 13. Read every book I own 14. Watch all of IMDB Top 250

15. Watch a Westend show

Experience 16. Owning your own house 17. Being part of a studio audience 18. Giving blood 19. Driving in the UK, Europe and America 20. A drive-in movie 21. Driving a golf cart 22. Skinny dipping 23. Sleeping under the stars 24. Sending a message in a bottle 25. 24 hours without my phone

26. A big sporting event 27. Singing karaoke 28. The Itex walk (39 miles) 29. Drink more water! 30. Laugh every day :)


To do:

Follow me on Instragram to keep up to date on what I cross off next!

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