Free online tools to make you more productive

Is your to-do list is a mile long? Is your inbox is overflowing? Or do you have a report to write that you can't seem to focus on?

Well this post is for you!

On the days when you feel like you don’t have enough time, hands or focus to make it through with your list, you might find yourself daydreaming about how life would be easier if you had a Personal Assistant. Or, if you get really carried away, a whole entourage of helping hands to take a few things off your desk.

Unfortunately, I can't help you with being able to afford either of those solutions but there are plenty of online tools that are almost as good!

Here are some of my favorite to-do lists tool, mailbox assistants and activity trackers that help me stay focused and organized. Hopefully introducing one or two into your routine will kick your productivity into high gear!


What does it do?

Well you've probably heard how awesome it is already but incase you haven't. It's a board that lets you organise your life basically.

Why you need it?

It make keeping track of even your biggest, scariest projects a piece of cake. It's easy-to-use as you can add as many columns as you want and with one click you can create cards that can be dragged and dropped between them. And you can invite people to your board to collaborate on projects and it's FREE.

I have a personal board to manage everything from my blog posts to my reading list and my team at work have a shared board to keep people updated on our projects.


What does it do?

RescueTime is a time management app that helps you easily spot the things online that are sucking hours right out of your day.

Why you need it?

Familiar with getting sucked into your Instagram and Facebook feeds or "related" articles and videos on news sites, when you should be smashing through your to-do list? When distractions are everywhere online it easy , RescueTime can keep you in check.

This browser plugin creates detailed reports based on your activity on any given day. If you're a serial procrastinator you can even set alerts and block your most distracting sites so you can kick the habit and increase your productivity.

I use the free version but you can upgrade.


What does it do?

LastPass is a password manager that makes it easy for you to access your accounts.

Why you need it?

Online security is important so I try not to have the same password for everything, however I don't have the ability to remember 5000 unique passwords that look like someone sat on their keyboard and all the security questions that go with them. Luckily I don't have to remember password like this "TH1$i5MyP@s$w0Rd!88" because LastPass stores them for me.

I just need one epicly secure password to unlock all of my other accounts. LastPass can even generate Thor strength passwords and auto-change them passwords when needed. Never having to waste time resetting a password? Yes please!


What does it do?

Unroll.Me helps you sort the important emails from the mailbox clutter.

Why you need it?

Because it's the best thing that will ever happen to your inbox! When you sign up, you’ll be presented with a glorious list of every mailing list you're subscribed to. Making it easy for you to swiftly unsubscribe from the ones you no longer want. Once you’ve narrowed things down to only the ones you're really interested in, you’ll receive one daily mail, "The Rollup" which contains all of your less important email newsletters in one neat email. You’ll instantly transform your inbox.

Have you given any of these tools a try? Or want to add one to the list? Let me know on Instagram of Facebook.

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