Make room for magic

​​Every Christmas I end up over eating, over drinking and over committing. Resulting in being burnout by January, carrying extra weight and an empty wallet.​​

This festive season I'm going to do things differently. I don’t want to “survive” it or just “get through” it. I want to embrace it and make room for those magic moments by being intentional about what I buy and eat and who I spend time with.

I'm not going to promise to bake mince pies, go to all the events I'm invited to and fill the empty space in my calendar, I’m not going to say "No" because I'm busy, I'm going to say "No" because I don't want to be busy.

White space is more important than ever at the end of the year as I reflect on the year that's gone and the one that lies ahead. 

I want room to drink a steaming mug of hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie. I want to listen to carols while I decorate my tree without feeling like I have to rush to another appointment.

I'm going to be lovingly selective. Choose to do less but give more time, energy and love to what matters most.

Make room for those magic moments this Christmas.

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