1,000 items lighter in a year

My friend has recently been inspired by Rob Greenfield. He's a self confessed adventurer, activist, humanitarian, trying to make a difference in the world.

He's done a few different things over the years to make people open their eyes to waste and energy consumption. This included wearing every piece of rubbish he created for a month and living only off food that was thrown away. You can hear him talk about his experiences in this great TEDtalk.

The thing that has inspired my friend was how he downsized his possessions to just 111 (from 10,000 apparently!)

Her aim: 24,000

Given that he's a young man and she's a "middle aged woman" (her words not mine), she has estimated that she has roughly 25,000 possessions so her target over the next year is to get rid of 1,000 items.

Her rules are: 1. They must be good enough to give away to a charity shop or other good cause, i.e nothing broken or shabby. 2. If she buys or receive anything it has to be added back into the total (this could get interesting come Christmas day!)

Very sensibly the first 14 items to receive new homes have lived in her ironing basket for a long time so probably won't be missed to much!

Running total

21/11/17 - 24,986

28/11/17 - 24,983

06/12/17 - 24,960 - Realisation sets in that to reach her target she needs to shed 20 items a week!

12/12/17 - 24,956

27/12/17 - 24,939 - not bad when you take Christmas presents into account!

03/01/18 - 24,931

10/02/18 - 24,863

#declutter #noshoppingchallenge #minimalist #minimal #minimalism #removeduplicates

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