Reflections and resolutions

Christmas day was almost a week ago, the advent calendars have all been eaten, the presents have all been unwrapped and you’re preparing to go back to your pre-holiday routine. A relief to some of you I'm sure!

All across the land people are making important choices today: Their New Year’s Resolution.

Unfortunately, many resolutions to eat more healthily and go to the gym won’t last past the end of January. Not because they’re unrealistic, but simply because a year is a long time!

That's why I'm resolving to try something new or give something up every month of 2018. There are plenty of 30 days challenges on the internet and national monthly campaigns like Movember, which sadly I can't jump on board with but there are others that I can.

I've done a few 30 day challenges before and really loved the intense focus you get and sense of achievement (or relief!) at the end of the month. I often carry them on for longer through habit or new found enjoyment. That’s what happened after my 30 days of meditation.


I'm kicking off the year by signing up to Alcohol Concerns Dry January campaign. There are lots of benefits in giving up booze for a month even if you’re not a heavy drinker. From feeling healthier after an indulgent December to having more money in your pocket; you can calculate the benefits using the Dry January and Beyond app. I will post on Instagram how I'm doing each week.


Google informs me that February is National Library Lover’s Month (in the US). So I've decided to set myself a challenge to read a chapter of a book every day. Reading is a great winter past time when it’s cold outside and it gets dark early. I like reading but I tend to binge read rather than read daily. I’m going to try and form a habit of reading every day. It could be a challenge but it may force me to take a lunch break or go to bed earlier. Both are excellent habits in their own right!

Rest of the year

I haven't settled on a resolution for every month yet but I do have a list of ideas including the 30 bays in 30 days challenge for July, pass a module of my Danish app every day and a 30 day sit up challenge.

I would love more ideas from my readers and to hear what your resolutions are via Instagram or on the Facebook page.

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