1 month with no chocolate!

I’m taking on a DECHOX this March. That means I'm challenging myself to give up chocolate for 31 days. So cocoa is a no-no, which means chocolate bars, chocolate biscuits, chocolate ice cream and chocolate cake are all off the menu during March.

"Why?!"I hear you cry.

Well because The British Heart Foundation are challenging the nation to give up chocolate for March (again) to raise money for their life saving research.

In March 2017 more than 16,000 people took on the challenge to detox from chocolate and raise over £1 million for life saving research.

Get involved

Please join me to help make it less of a Rocky Road!

Sign up at bhf.org.uk/dechox/sign-up. You could even get your friends and family involved if you think it will help to have some moral support.


Or if you think your willpower isn't up to it please consider giving a donation via my justgiving page instead

So when you're frantically raiding your desk drawer for a sweet treat when those 3pm cravings hit please spare a thought for us Dechoxers.

Also remember that there is no solid evidence that chocolate causes physical addiction. Instead, it is more our feelings about chocolate that tend to dictate our behaviour, as we associate chocolate with being happier, giving us comfort, and eating as a reward. This connection means that we might emotionally feel that we ‘need’ it, which can make it hard to control how much of it we eat.

Why no go and make a cup of tea instead and see if the craving passes. It works for me (sometimes...)

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