9 Dechox friendly snacks

As I gave up eating chocolate for March I also took the opportunity to form healthier snack habits by replacing chocolate with other sweet treats.

Here's what I've be munching on in March:


Sweet popcorn is a nice, light treat when your sweet tooth starts to ache and lots of places sell it in small snack bags.

Chia seeds

I'd always been intrigued by chia seeds but never properly tried them. I found a recipe for raspberry and rosewater chia pudding that looked right up my street. Takes about 2 mins to put the ingredients together then you leave it for a few hours. I've made it 3 times already! Delicious.

Yogurt covered ricecakes

I'm loving these at the moment. 80 calories and the thin layer of yogurt on these ricecakes could pass for white chocolate. Yummy!

Tropical fruits

I've branched out and tried some exotic tropical fruits that I've been meaning to sample for ages. Star fruit, dragon fruit and I reminded myself how much I love lychees and passion fruit.

Dried mango

Sweet and chewy like Haribo. I've eaten 3 bags of dried mango this month!

Fresh berries

These little jewels of fruit add a sweet bite to plain yogurts.

Peanut butter

Most of my favourite chocolate bars have peanut butter in so I've cut out the middle man and put peanut butter on everything else instead! Well not everything, mostly my morning porridge. 

Mixed nuts

Easy to carry with you in a little pot and mixed nuts are a good source of energy when that 3pm dip in energy hits.

Nut bars

Sweet and crunchy but no chocolate in sight. Close your eyes and dream of a bar of Cadbury's Whole Nut.

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